Customize your wellness


A healthy body is a healthy mind. 

Optimize Your Team's Nutrition
Not only will we recommend healthier snacks that your employees will love, we also streamline the process through our partnership with nutritious snack purveyors like Snack Nation. Learn More


Optimize your space to optimize your health 

Space Consulting
Increased social collisions between coworkers increases output. At AllsWell we work with you within the bounds of your current space to increase movement, promote activity, and improve how coworkers interact. Learn More


Move more to work better without leaving the office 

On-Site Group Fitness
 Exercising for just 20-45 minutes during the day is proven to improve “executive functions” like decision making, focus and self control.  AllsWell offers a range of onsite fitness classes such as strength training, weight loss, short burst cardio, mobility training and more! 


Healthy employees are happy employees 

Stress Reduction Lab
The American Phsycological Association reports that 1/3 of New Yorkers plan on leaving their job in the next year due to work stress.  Companies with wellness programs show decreased attrition. Learn More


Presenting you to the world 

Posture Lab
Want employees to employ more confidence?  Make bolder decisions? Interact more optimally?  Be happier and more productive? An AllsWell specialist will teach your employees the tricks of healthy posture to create an unstoppable team. Learn More


Its like seamless but good for you 

Reduced Cost At-Home Training
AllsWell fitness specialist deploy to employee’s homes for personalized training at reduced rates. Let an AllsWell specialist guide you through your own fitness journey. Learn More



Be on the winning team all year long

Team event training
Participate in team training with AllsWell and we will help you build more than just muscles.  Practice your team building skills while training together, striving together and achieving together. Learn More

Knowledge is power 

Diet Lab
Know what to eat and master agency over your health.  Make healthier choices wherever,whenever.  During diet labs, a specialist will speak on specific nutrition issues, and be available for questions and discussion. Learn More


Your personalized wellness coach with the click of a button

The experts at AllsWell are available to answer your health and fitness questions with the speed and ease of an e-mail. Learn More


We Care About Checking In

Health screening
At AllsWell we like to check in on you.  A registered nurse will complete preliminary health screenings to check blood pressure, heart rate, weight and body composition. Learn More  


What we don't do

We don’t force engagement.  
We believe in intrinsic motivation and the health and happiness of each employee.

We don’t distract employees from deadlines.
We offer flexible scheduling, quick fit sessions and on-site fitness to meet your individual needs.

We don’t force one model for all.
There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in fitness.  We create individual plans for each team, personalizing wellness.