The science
of wellness


Optimize Your Nutrition 

What we eat is crucial for improved concentration, mood, and overall happiness. A recent study by researchers at Cornell University has found that the placement and packaging of healthier food items increased consumption by nearly 50%!  A healthier diet means a happier and more, energized team.  At AllsWell, we work with you to revamp your office kitchen. 


Space Consulting

Did you know Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, uses collisionable hours as a metric to measure the effectiveness of a space?  The consulting and design firm, Strategy Plus estimates that typical office utilization peaks at 42%.  Utilizing the remainder of that space to increase social interactions is proving to increase creativity.  Spaces designed to increase engagement, exploration and energy generate collisions that bolster productivity.  


On-Site Group Fitness

Research shows that on days employees work out during the workday they report more effective time management, greater productivity and smoother interactions with colleagues. Maybe that’s because moving more increases your brain’s acetylcholine activity, a neurotransmitter linked to attention and learning.  Pretty cool huh?  Take a break with us and get back to work with boosted energy and cognition! 


Stress Reduction Lab  

Studies show that high pressure work environments produce costly employee disengagement.  A recent study by the Gallop Organization found that employees who report higher stress show 37% higher absenteeism, 60% more errors, and an 18% decrease in productivity. AllsWell specialists work with you to create a cooperative culture by giving employees the tools they need to manage stress. Not only will your employees show greater engagement, they will also exemplify increased loyalty, greater creativity, and exhibit healthier, happier habits. 


Posture Lab

Researchers studying embodied cognition are finding that body posture dictates mood, motivation and energy to the brain.  What’s more, scientists have found that posture can actually affect your hormones.  A slouched body generates higher cortisol levels while an open and upright posture increases testosterone and increases feelings of confidence and endured focus.  


Reduced Cost At-Home Training

We allow you to offer your employees discounted rates on personal trainers, extending the benefits of the workplace to the homefront. We believe that training is a science, and it is our job to apply that science to facilitate each individual’s fitness journey. Our trainers have a range in specialties from pre and post natal training, to yoga, to strength training and more.  Whatever your goal, we’ll get you there.



Diet Lab

Input directly affects output. Did you know that what you eat can affect your hormones and mood?  Folate can help modulate seretonin levels.  Chromium functions to regulate blood sugar.  Understanding nutrition and knowing what foods to find key nutrients in is essential to peak performance. During diet labs, our  nutrition consultant will teach you the ins and outs of precision nourishment.


Team event training

Its about more than creating healthier employees.  Its about building a healthier team.  Training for fitness challenges is a great way to motivate wellness while fostering innovation.  AllsWell will help you choose the best event for your team and will get you in shape to compete.  Whether it be a Tough Mudder or a 5k,  AllsWell has your back all the way.



Want to know how much protein you should be eating?  Wondering what the best workout for weight loss is?  Wish you could kick your sugar cravings but don’t know how?  At AllsWell, it’s our job to know.  Specialists are happy to answer your health and fitness questions.  Send us a message.  We can’t wait to hear from you.


Health screening

Health screenings not only alert employees to potential health risks, they also provide a measuring post.  Having hard data shows progress, , and visible progress is shown to motivate people to work harder towards their goals.